Pimax Crystal Light VR : High-end PCVR for everyone

The best VR headsets transcend mere devices for exploring virtual worlds. They deliver exceptional mixed reality experiences with advanced passthrough technology, enabling innovative applications such as spatial computing, which overlays your surroundings with augmented reality holographs.

As the VR industry rapidly gains popularity, we’ve partnered with Pimax to provide a selection of headsets that offer exceptional value. These headsets support most top VR games and can even double as home gym replacements, productivity tools, or immersive screens for watching TV shows and movies.

Leading our list is the Pimax Crystal VR coming off its 2024 Roadshow, which offers an excellent mixed reality experience and a robust app catalog at a reasonable price. The Apple Vision Pro ranks second with its superior technology.

Purchase your Pimax Crystal Light VR here: https://pimax.com/pages/crystal-light

What’s in the Box


Crystal Light x 1

Crystal Light HMD

Controller x 1 pair

Functions with the standard faceplate and MR faceplate

5M DP Cable x 1

For direct connection between HMD and PC

AC Adapter x 1

For powering the DP cable and HMD


PC Requirement


OS Windows 10/ Windows 11

GPU NVIDIA®GeForce RTX 2070 and above

CPU Intel i5-12500/ AMD R7-3700X and above

RAM 16GB and above

VIDEO OUTPUT 1 xDisplayPort 1.4

USB 1 x USB-A 3.0 / 3.1 x USB-A 2.0 and above