About Us

About Us

RPM Rush, the only sim racing center in the DMV.

We provide car enthusiasts with a thrilling driving experience using the some of the best simulation technology and hardware.

Located at Historic District, 7545 Presidential Ln, Manassas, VA 20109 we are an APPOINTMENT ONLY establishment. 

We currently offer several race tracks, classes of cars including go-karting and F1. 

Our premium simulators utilize some of the industries premium products and construction to immerse you the driver. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide different options varying on experience level and package. RPM Rush wants to ensure you have a wonderful experience, so we generally start you off in a car that is easier to drive than lets say a Formula 1 car. Once you got the handle of it, you can progress to a higher performance car with each new race experience. Some people want to come in to practice their type of car on one of the local tracks, which we can absolutely do.

The minimum height is 52″ tall and there is no age requirement. Kids 12 years old and up typically do great, and younger children depends on experience level with go-karting or motocross. The weight limit for our machine is 350 pounds.

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